Windows 10/11 22H2 Upgrade Powershell Script

At work, we’ve been having some issues crop up, mainly around Office 365 suite, but it seemed to be more present on systems with Windows 10 21H2 than systems that were upgraded to 22H2 already. So I needed to find a way I could easily upgrade dozens of machines without having to login to each […]

Microsoft 365 – OneDrive Direct Download Link

Was recently testing something and needed the ability to download a file I was sharing from OneDrive. By default, when you use a share link, it takes you to a webpage and you have to click the download button. Found info online on how to turn this into a direct download link. Copy the Share […]

FortiGate – FortiGuard Servers with SD-WAN

We’ve started rolling out SD-WAN setups at all our sites with redundant internet connections. Had a couple of them run into issues connecting to FortiGuard and had to contact support. Here is the CLI they ran. This disables the anycast settings, sets the port and protocol and configures FortiGuard to use the SD-WAN interface. What […]

FortiClient – SSL VPN Profiles

If you’re like me, over time you’ve build up SSL VPN connections to various sites or clients. If you need to transfer these to another system or just want to back them up in case you need them, here are the locations in the windows Registry you can back them up from. User entries: System […]

FortiLink Managed Switches over Wireless P2P Bridge

I have a couple remote buildings at work that we were previously managing the FortiSwitches in standalone mode, which worked, but we didn’t get the ease of managing everything from the FortiGate like we did with most of our switches. Took a couple months of searching around (in between other projects and tasks), but I […]

Windows Power Settings Profiles

At my work, we tend to do a lot through CLI commands as we have the ability to run them through the CLI on our remote management agent. In case you ever wanted to know what the CLI commands were for changing power profiles, here they are. This command will list the profiles on the […]