Windows Power Settings Profiles

At my work, we tend to do a lot through CLI commands as we have the ability to run them through the CLI on our remote management agent. In case you ever wanted to know what the CLI commands were for changing power profiles, here they are. This command will list the profiles on the […]

Enabling Remote Desktop

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, we had to setup a lot of users to work from home. We were creating to options for remote access: Sharing access to their workstation through our existing monitoring agent (we use Datto with Splashtop). Setting up their existing VPN client with RDP access. Using the option 1 was beneficial […]

Chrome Failed Virus Scan Error

For some reason, Chrome has decided to start having issues with thinking the built in Windows Defender Anti-Virus is out of date and when you try to download files, they fail the virus scan and you can’t use them. This could be PDF, Word doc files, etc. All Legit. There one main fix for this, […]

Asus Monitor Splendid Demo Mode

Had a customer call in today and they have a Splendid Demo screen on their monitor. They have an Asus monitor, so I was able to look up and figure out how to walk them through turning this off. Menu options may vary slightly between models. Press Menu Press the down arrow until you see […]