Microsoft 365 – OneDrive Direct Download Link

Was recently testing something and needed the ability to download a file I was sharing from OneDrive. By default, when you use a share link, it takes you to a webpage and you have to click the download button. Found info online on how to turn this into a direct download link.

Copy the Share URL, then just add “&download=1” (without quotes), this will now be directly downloadable.

FortiGate – FortiGuard Servers with SD-WAN

We’ve started rolling out SD-WAN setups at all our sites with redundant internet connections. Had a couple of them run into issues connecting to FortiGuard and had to contact support. Here is the CLI they ran.

config system fortiguard
    set fortiguard-anycast disable
    set protocol udp
    set port 53
    set sdns-server-ip "" 
    set interface-select-method sdwan

This disables the anycast settings, sets the port and protocol and configures FortiGuard to use the SD-WAN interface. What I found out later is that when you disable anycast, you also need to specify an SDNS server for the firewall to update all the security profiles from. The US server is

You also need to update the FortiGate DNS servers to use the SD-WAN connection.

config system dns
    set primary
    set secondary
    set interface-select-method sdwan

FortiGate – DHCP Domain Name

We have a couple sites that are small and DHCP is run from the FortiGate firewall, but since we run Windows Active Directory, we need to add the domain to the DHCP server.

Conf sys dhcp server
Show  (find your subnet)
Edit # (where # is your DHCP server number for the subnet you're editing)
Set domain domain.local

FortiClient – SSL VPN Profiles

If you’re like me, over time you’ve build up SSL VPN connections to various sites or clients. If you need to transfer these to another system or just want to back them up in case you need them, here are the locations in the windows Registry you can back them up from.

User entries:


System entries:


You can backup all of them by exporting the Tunnels folder, or individual connections per site.

FortiSwitch – Configure Static IP

I have a couple FortiSwitches that I’ve had to manage as standalone, but for some reason it always gives me issues assigning the static IP address through the Web UI. Here is the CLI for assigning a static IP.

Config system interface 
Edit internal 
Set mode static 
Set ip x.x.x.x x.x.x.x 
Set allowaccess https ssh ping